Something borrowed, something blue…

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~Getting a Handle On Being Framed ~

Sounds like a good detective story hmmmm?  Well, after finishing that lovely and quite possibly original designer project the prospect of attaching the frame can be somewhat of a mystery if not an all out daunting task.

  Craft and fabric stores usually offer a nice selection of hardware for purses and carry all’s.  YouTube’s wealth of crafting tutorials is a goldmine of instruction and inspiration. If one video isn’t quite clear there are many more to choose from at your convenience. Many privately owned shops offer classes as well with the added benefit of making some wonderful new friendships along the way. ‘Till next time I hope that you enjoy your crafting journey. Profitez de la vie! Enjoy life!

pattern choices

Good morning, how many of you have more patterns than you will ever be able to work?

I am a self professing pattern collector also.  Not going to get one more.  “Hmmm.”

Then while I’m out and about, perhaps at the library, local craft store, antique market, tag sale….   There they are ~ the free, the antiquated,  the book chock full of demure french lace g

loves with a coordinating purse – you guessed it

I MUST HAVE these articles gracing my crochet and knitting needles.

A special type o

f pattern book that one should take the time to explore is the kind that is a self-guided tutorial on pattern design.

 {The Principles of Knitting: methods and techniques of hand knitting by June Hiatt} is one of my favorites to get from my local library.  There are others that help discover the secret of crochet designing as well.  Combining these two mediums will take on another interesting aspect of personal design once you gain some basic skills or build on those you already have.


ood Day’ to you:)


Hello again, today I would like to chat about fibers. This is one area where I would like to encourage you to think outside of normal protocol. Anything that can be manipulated with your knitting needles and that you can obtain enough of to finish your imagined or patterned article is justifiable as a fiber.  The fiber should be aesthetically pleasing to the sense of touch as well as visually. Remember the many hours that the fiber will be sliding across your fingers and in your hands. Some fibers can be very rough and damaging to the skin.  This is also of importance if the article will be a garment.

Choosing the right knitting needles

I want to introduce some of the different types of knitting needles.

My favorite are the circulars.  They are available in many different lengths and tip circumferences.

You may also choose from different tips made of wood, metal, acrylics, and aluminum.

I prefer bamboo or rosewood as they do not cause the pain in my back, neck, and shoulders that many of the turbo polished nickel ones do.  The shorter length of the needle tip fits perfectly in my

hand. No extra weight to hold while knitting.  Many knitting shops offer samples of each kind so that you can gauge which is best.  While needles can be a significant investment, it is best to choose good quality to ensure many happy hours of knitting pleasure.  After all we deserve it!